Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2013 with Gigs from Tenrr

Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift or gift ideas for that special someone in your life, help in planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date or even tips to find your special someone, Tenrr member betaomicronalph has written about the Tenrr jobs and members that can help you!

Valentine's Day 2013 - Gift Ideas at TenrrIt’s no secret to anyone that the merchants of Tenrr have an amazing amount of creativity. You can find all sorts of different art projects, romantic ideas, and fancy message writers on this site. Tenrr also is real life proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune on a good, thoughtful, and unique Valentine’s Day gift for your crush. Best of all, plenty of the gigs that you’ll find on Tenrr are ready to ship before Valentine’s Day (for those who want to plan a day or two ahead of time).

A good way to have a great Valentine’s Day gift all ready in time for Valentine’s Day is to assemble a nice e-gift basket for your Valentine. Then again, you don’t need to order a bunch of gigs in order to get a good V-Day gift going. Here are some of the cool gigs that you can order right now on Tenrr!

Zarklon's Glowstick DanceFor entertainment, you can order street performer Zarklon’s gig. He will perform a glowstick dance for $5 or perform a fire spinning dance for $10; both to the song of your choice and you can request a shout out to the special guy or girl in your life. Bonus points: have him spin to your song!

Want more romantic visuals for your lover? JoyJesus2007 is currently offering a gig which will give you a Valentine’s Day picture with a frame for only $2!

Gillang will Change Background of an ImageOr you could have one of the many PhotoShop, image editing experts touch up, enhance or “beautify” a picture or two of you and your loved one!  Gillang is one of the Tenrr members who’s great at this sort of work.  He can add digital makeup to a person in your picture for $4 or change the background of a pic to something else of your choosing for $5!

If you’re really out of ideas, YccServices will help you out! This seller will give you an unusual romantic gift idea for $5.

AnasAllahwala's 16 Point Origami StarPeople who love to have an Asian flair to their gifts will love AnasAllahwala’s gig – a 16-point origami star for only $1. (Bouquet of ninja stars, anyone?)

If you aren’t good with words, it may be in your best interest to let someone else tell your crush how you feel. Have a chat with BluePolish30. She will send a handwritten letter with a special gift for $5 – to the guy you like perhaps?

SEOServices will Draw a Picture - Anime StyleNeed a picture of the two of you? Perhaps one a little bit more stylish? SEOServices is currently offering to draw a picture of you and your loved ones for only $7. This is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea with endless possibilities; you could get a picture drawn of your family or you and your best friends. You can have up to 3 people drawn per picture.

Looking for jewelry or designer goods for your special one? WhimsicalWishes, Cutey, Coco884, and Ishoozdotnet all sell beautifully made jewelry, and those are only a couple of Tenrr sellers who sell jewels online.

Of course, there are some of you out there who are single and Tenrr is a great place for Valentine’s Day for those of you as well! If you aren’t one of the many people selling gigs, you might want to go out and order one of these interesting and exciting gigs that may help you out in one way or another.

You can browse through the Online Girlfriend section of Tenrr if you are feeling a bit lonely or if you want to make a certain someone jealous.

Hiring betaomicronalph or marketingluv as your dating coach might end up helping you find the love of your life! Or at the very least, it will help you learn a little bit more about how to deal with the opposite sex.

Need a makeover? Gillang can give you the beauty edit treatment for $5 or Hollysholistics can help you out with an online makeover for $10.

Valentine's Day 2013If you’re feeling lonely, Tenrr can definitely help you out. ReyesRubyLPD offers 2 gigs that will help you enjoy your day as a single person; she can text you some romantic quotes for $8 or she will be your buddy for a day for $5.

Believe it or not, Tenrr and other micro gig sites are an excellent resource for people who want to make the most of their Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single or taken, Valentine’s Day 2013 can be a day where you celebrate with some of the fun, quirky, romantic, and sometimes sexy presents that you can find on Tenrr.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my gig! I’m going to add a glow show to the site as well very soon and reform my testimonial/commercial gig. With all this , I can make anyone an awesome and unique promotional package/greeting/prank/whatever =) Coming soon! Only on tenrr.com!

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