Same as Last Week: Post a New Job on Tenrr or Promote an Existing Job to Enter to Win $50!

There's money to be won - post new job or promote a job to enter!One more week where all you need to do is create a new job at Tenrr or promote any one of your existing Tenrr jobs at either Twitter or Pinterest to be entered to win a $50 Amazon® gift card!  Whether you are the lucky winner this week or not, we will Retweet or Repin your Tweet/Pin as an added bonus for participating in this week’s giveaway!

This week’s entry period runs from 12:00AM CDT on Monday, March 11th and 11:59PM CDT on Sunday, March 17th, 2013.  As with nearly all of our giveaways, only one entry is allowed per person!  Even if you both create a new job and promote it on Twitter or Pinterest (which is highly recommended as the extra exposure for your jobs will always help you), you’ll only receive one entry.

Here are some details for your options to enter this week’s giveaway:

Option 1 – Create a New Job at Tenrr

Post a New Job on Tenrr to EnterThis option is pretty easy to explain; if you create a new job at Tenrr during the week (March 11th thru March 17th), you’ll be entered to win the $50 gift card!  As always, post up to 10 jobs per day if you’d like (up to 40 jobs total), but no matter how many you post, you’ll only receive one entry into this week’s giveaway.  Also, your job must follow our job guidelines and be approved to count as an entry. 

Option 2 – Promote your Job at Twitter or Pinterest

Whether your job is brand new or has been around for a while, you can get your entry into this week’s giveaway by either Tweeting about it or Pinning it sometime this week!  Trust me, this is very easy for you to do and believe it or not, nearly all the work is done for you already.  Of course, you will need to have either a Pinterest or Twitter account, but after that, it’s really very simple to Tweet about or Pin your job.  Here’s how:

Tweet about your Job for an Entry

By far and away, the easiest way for you to post a Tweet about your job is to first navigate to your job page at Tenrr.  Once there, click the Tweet button that’s right below your job description.  Once clicked, a pop-up (if the pop-up doesn’t appear after you click the Tweet button, make sure to set your pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from Tenrr temporarily) will appear and your Job’s title and link along with @tenrr (at the end of the Tweet) are automatically filled in. 

Share Your Link with Followers on Twitter to EnterYou can change the Tweet all you want, just make sure the URL is in there along with @tenrr – including @tenrr in your Tweet is the way we can keep track of all the entries, so if you leave that out, you won’t get an entry into this giveaway.

TIP: You can shorten your job’s link by ending the link with your Job ID and a trailing slash!  The Job ID is most likely a 4 digit number and it’s important to end the URL with a slash (/) or else it won’t work.  An example of this would be to use this URL instead of this longer version,$10-for-Article-that-we-will-Post-on-Tenrr-Blog.  Of course, if you’re more Twitter savvy, you can use a URL shortener to save even more space in your Tweet. 

Pin your Job for an Entry

Once again, the easiest way to Pin your job starts with navigating to your job page on Tenrr.  Once you’re there, just hover over the Share button and click on Pinterest.  Depending on your use of the AddThis Share button, Pinterest may not be displayed right away.  If that’s the case, you’ll have to click on More and find Pinterest. 

Pin your job at Pinterest to EnterAgain, a pop-up will appear with all the images on that webpage.  Find the one you want to be associated with your job and click on it.  At that point, another pop-up box will open with the image you chose along with Tenrr, your job title and your Tenrr username.  I would suggest keeping all of that in place and if you want, add more to your Pin.  Just make sure you keep Tenrr in the text of your Pin so we can count your entry.  Of course, you’ll also need to choose which Board you want to Pin your job to!

Obviously, for both of these options, you’ll need an account at the corresponding site.  All I can really say is if you don’t have an account at either of these great social networking sites, you should get one now anyways!  It’s very easy to sign up at either Twitter or Pinterest, so if you don’t have an account at either of these places yet, don’t worry.

By the way, as an added bonus, we RePin every Tenrr Job Pin we find each week to our Tenrr Member Pins board and we will continue to do so!  That will get you a little extra exposure for your jobs on top of what you will get normally. 

Guidelines for this Giveaway

This week’s entry period runs from 12:00AM CDT on Monday, March 11th and 11:59PM CDT on Sunday, March 17th, 2013, and only one entry is allowed per person! 

As only 1 entry is possible per member, we realize some may want to increase your odds by creating multiple accounts; please don’t!  We have systems in place that will catch those of you trying to outsmart our giveaways, so please don’t try anything against the rules as we don’t want to have to remove any members over a giveaway! 

As with all our giveaways, you’ll have no issues whatsoever if you use Tenrr as you would any other week.  More on unacceptable behavior or attempts to manipulate this promotion are available in our Promotion Rules

We will announce the winner on Monday, March 18th, 2013, or as soon as we’ve made contact with him/her via email.  All winners will be posted on our Winner’s Wall, which is visible on the right sidebar of the Tenrr Blog.  We choose the winner(s) each week via a RNG program that will pick one of you who’ve entered this giveaway via either method on Monday morning.

Remember, Tenrr is the Free Fiverr® Alternative!  As always, once you make a sale on Tenrr, you won’t be charged a commission and is completely free to use for all of you – both buyers and sellers!

*By participating in this giveaway at Tenrr during this Promotion Period, it will be deemed as your acceptance to the information contained in this blog post, in our Promotion Rules and our Terms of Service.

Anyone with questions regarding this promotion can use the Contact Us Form and we will respond as soon as we can.

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