Win $50 by Promoting your Tenrr Jobs at Twitter or Pinterest!

Win $50 in this week's giveawayWe’ve decided to switch up our weekly giveaway to coincide with our Promotion Training Series!  So what are we giving away and how do you win it?  Glad you asked!  The prize this week is a $50 Amazon® gift card and all you have to do to have a chance to win is promote your Tenrr jobs on either Twitter or Pinterest!  It’s super easy to do and it will help you in the long run of promoting your jobs to help increase exposure and sales.

This week, you can get 2 entries into our giveaway – one for using Twitter and one for using Pinterest to promote any of your jobs on Tenrr!  For more information about easy ways to either Tweet or Pin your job, please see the sections below.

UPDATE: Tenrr member gillang won this week’s giveaway!  Congrats to gillang and stay tuned to the Tenrr Blog for the latest Giveaway Announcements!  Check out our next giveaway – starting December 3rd, 2012!

You must Tweet or Pin your job by 11:59PM CST Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 to be entered; be sure to include @Tenrr on Twitter and use your Tenrr job’s URL on Pinterest.  This is how we’ll be able to count your entries for this giveaway!  More information on how to do this is below – it really is very straightforward and there are many more potential benefits than being entered to win our promotion!

How do you get entered for a chance to win?

Share This Job - Tenrr Job PagesIt really is very easy…  All you’ll have to do is navigate to one of your jobs at Tenrr and under your description, you’ll see Like and Tweet buttons along with a Share button.  By hovering over the Share button, more options will appear and that’s where you can find the Pinterest button.

Entry via Twitter – Tweet to Win!

Tweet To Win - pop-up exampleJust click the Tweet button and a pop-up (make sure your browser is set to allow pop-ups to use this method) will appear and your Job’s title and link along with @tenrr (at the end of the Tweet) are automatically filled in.  You can change the Tweet all you want, just make sure the URL is in there along with @tenrr – including @tenrr in your Tweet is the way we can keep track of all the entries, so if you leave that out, you won’t get an entry into this giveaway.

TIP: You can shorten your job’s link by ending the link with your Job ID and a trailing slash!  The Job ID is likely a 4 digit number and it’s important to end the URL with a slash (/) or else it won’t work.  Or, of course, if you’re more Twitter savvy, you can use a URL shortener to save you some space in your Tweet.

Entry via Pinterest – Pin to Win!

Pin To Win - Pinterest pop-up boxJust hover over the Share button and click on Pinterest.  Again, a pop-up will appear with all the images on that webpage.  Find the one you want to be associated with your job and click on it.  At that point, another pop-up box will open with the image you chose along with Tenrr, your job title and your Tenrr username.  I would suggest keeping all of that in place and if you want, add more to your Pin at the end.  Just make sure you keep Tenrr in the text of your Pin so we can count your entry.  Of course, you’ll also need to choose which Board you want to Pin your job to! 

Obviously, for both of these options, you’ll need an account at the corresponding site.  All I can really say is if you don’t have an account at either of these great social networking sites, you should!  It’s very easy to sign up at either Twitter or Pinterest, so if you don’t have an account at either of these places yet, don’t worry.

BTW, every week, we RePin every Tenrr Job Pin we find and we will continue to do so!  That will get you a little extra exposure for your jobs on top of what you will get normally.  We’re running this promotion with the hope that many of you will start actively promoting your jobs – this is one step towards this goal of ours. 

Please read our Promotion Training Series for more information about promoting your Tenrr jobs.  We will have new Promotion Training Series posts weekly on the Tenrr Blog!

Also, it would be great if you Follow Us on both Twitter and Pinterest!


This giveaway will run a bit differently than our previous weeks’ promotions.  You have a chance to get 2 entries into this $50 giveaway by using both Twitter and Pinterest to promote your job – one for each site you promote your job with.  Remember to keep the @tenrr in place on your Tweet and Tenrr in place when you Pin your jobs so that you can get proper credit! 

As always, we will randomly select the winner on Monday; this promotion will run from Monday, November 26, 2012 thru 11:59PM CST on Sunday, December 2, 2012.

Read our Promotion Rules for more information.  Please disregard the information related specifically to our previous promotions – as always, what’s contained in our Promotion Announcement will supersede contradicting information in our Promotion Rules.  Also, as stated in this post, you can gain 2 entries by using Twitter and Pinterest to promote your jobs!

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  1. I have been the lucky winner last week(even though it’s not mentioned in the text here) so,Thanks to Tenrr for those gift offers and good luck to all those that will post new jobs this week.

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