Frequently Asked Questions

Confused, lost or need an answer to a question? Well, you've come to the right page. We've compiled a list of commonly asked questions below, just for you!

I'm the buyer

  • How do I place an order?
  • Its easy!

    1. Find a Job that interests you
    2. The Job needs to be requested prior to purchase so click Request Job to submit a "Job Request" to the seller
    3. You can include any special requirements in the request should you need
    4. The seller will receive an email notifying them of the request
    5. The seller then has 7 days to login and accept or decline the request
    6. If the seller accepts, You will have 7 days to purchase the Job. If there is no response from the seller, the request automatically expires
    7. If the seller chooses to decline the work in question, the request will be automatically removed within 7 days

    If the seller accepts the Job, click the Order Now button. This will then take you through to PayPal where all the purchase information is pre-populated allowing you to make payment easily.

    • If you want more than one Job you can specify how many you require during this process.
    • If the Job involves shipping of physical items, you may need to pay an additional fee to the seller. Again, this can be arranged through direct communication with the seller using our conversation facility.
  • How can I pay for a job on Tenrr?
  • At this time, we are only processing payments through PayPal. Through PayPal, you can pay using any major credit card as well as, of course, your PayPal balance. Also, it's important to note that there's no way to carry a balance on Tenrr. On most other micro job sites, because you can have a monetary balance, you have the ability to pay for jobs with this balance (this mainly applies to those who both buy and sell jobs) and because you will never have a balance of money owed to you on Tenrr, this option is not possible.

    Because Tenrr isn’t involved in the transactions – when you pay for a job at PayPal, we provide all the job information and the seller’s PayPal account information but don’t actually hold the moneys or take a % cut – it’s proved difficult to add another payment processing option. Perhaps in the future we will again try to add another PayPal-like service, so that more people throughout the world can both pay and sell here at Tenrr.

    However, this would result in a major undertaking and likely would necessitate in a complete change in the way transactions occur on the site and could possibly result in a commission taken from Tenrr. We want to stay completely free for all of our members and changing this philosophy is not something we want to do at this moment…

  • Why do I need to request a Job first?
  • "Job Requests" are in place to protect buyers and ensure sellers are both available and willing to go ahead with work. It prevents situations where sellers are non responsive and as a consequence work is late or undelivered.

  • What are Job Requests?
  • We have created a new step to the order process on Tenrr - something you won't find on any other micro job websites! "Job Requests" are in place to protect buyers and ensure sellers are both available and willing to go ahead with the work you've requested. It prevents situations where sellers are non responsive and as a consequence work is late or undelivered.

    With this extra step, we're making sure the seller is active and on hand, ready to get hard to work!

    So how exactly does it work?

    It's simple!

    • Buyer finds a Job that interests them
    • Buyer submits a "Job Request" to the seller by clicking on the big yellow Request Job button on the job page
    • The buyer includes any special requirements along with the Seller's Requirements in the Job Request
    • The seller will receive an email notifying them of the request
    • The seller then has 7 days to login and accept or decline
    • If the seller accepts, the buyer will have 7 days to purchase the Job as normal. If there is no response from the seller, the request automatically expires
    • If the seller chooses to decline the work, the request will be automatically removed after another 7 days

    The status of all Job Requests you've made can be accessed when logged in at Tenrr through the top navigation under Buyer > Job Requests.

    If you have any specific questions relating to Job Requests please contact us.

  • One of my Job Requests says Expired – Why?
  • Job Requests will stay open for 7 days after it has last been altered by either you or the seller. Currently, even after a Job Request has been Accepted and the seller is proceeding with the job, your Job Request will remain open for 7 days – this is meant to make it easy for you to order repeat orders if you so choose for those 7 days (we may be altering the code so that it will tell you that you’ve already paid for the job or something similar to help avoid accidental duplicate payments when only 1 job was wanted).

    After 7 days of inaction, your Job Request’s status will change to Expired. It will not disappear right away for the added benefit of being able to see the jobs you’ve recently requested. However, after another several days, the Job Request will be removed entirely from your user interface. This is all in an effort to keep your user interface uncluttered.

    *Note: Once the Job Request’s status has been updated to Expired, the date will also change to the time that this happened and will no longer represent when you made the Job Request initially. In the past, some members have been a bit confused by this.

  • I’ve paid for a job on Tenrr but I either can't find where it's located or I don't know what to do next.
  • Once you’ve paid for a job, the job can be accessed when logged in at Tenrr through the top navigation under Buyer > My Shopping. This is where you can view the process of the job and communicate with the seller.

    You will receive an automatic email from the system telling you that you need to navigate to your job via the Buyer > My Shopping section and fill in the Order Requirements for the order to proceed. Yes, you’ve already sent the seller the Seller’s Requirements when requesting the job. But, oftentimes, things change slightly and by far the most important and vital part of a successful job is providing as much information to the seller as possible and constant communication throughout the job process!

    NOTE: It’s extremely important that you fill in the order requirements as the system will NOT display the job to the seller until this is complete! This is done to assure that everyone is on the same page when the job commences.

  • I paid for a job and the seller says they received payment via PayPal but the order hasn’t shown up on Tenrr. Why?
  • As noted in the previous Question/Answer, after you’ve made payment, you need to fill in the order requirements on the order page to get the job started.

    To do this, you must go to the Buyer > My Shopping section (found in the top navigation bar once logged in at Tenrr). Once there, click on the job in question and you’ll be asked to fill in the Order Requirements. Once you’ve filled in the requirements, the system will automatically send an email to the seller immediately and you’re on your way!

  • How do I make sure that I get what I ordered and paid for?
  • 99% of order problems occur due to lack of constant and proper communication between the buyer and the seller. Sellers may require some information from you right after you complete your payment, please make sure you submit these requirements as quickly as possible. Buyers should remember the price paid for the Job they ordered and avoid pushing sellers to deliver stuff they did not advertise or intend to deliver.

  • The seller delivered but it's either: not what I ordered / not what we agreed / nothing was delivered
  • As a buyer, you have the option to reject deliveries that did not meet the Job's description as advertised by the seller. When you reject an order, your seller is given a chance to fix the problem and re-deliver. If the seller fails to respond to the rejection in time, you will be entitled to cancel the order. If you decide to cancel the order it is important that you demand a PayPal refund. Even if you cancel the order on Tenrr, that won't trigger any automatic action on PayPal - you'll have to request a refund on PayPal as well. If a seller won't refund the order please get in touch with us.

    How to reject a delivery

    Rejecting a delivery can be done using the 'Got Problems?' tab available on the top right hand corner of the delivery box. Then, click the 'Reject Delivered Work' option.

    Avoid unjustified rejections:

    Please remember the price you paid for the service. Matters of taste are no reason to reject an order. False rejections will remove this feature from your account, and may get your account restricted from other benefits.

    Sample of false rejection:

    You ordered a 'Logo Design Job'. The seller delivered your logo according to the specs you submitted. However, the result did not meet your personal taste. In this case, you may ask the seller to take another go at it, using a standard message, but there are no grounds for rejection in this case..

    Sample of justified rejection:

    You ordered a hand drawn sketch portrait of yourself and the seller sent you back your original image with some color effects done in Photoshop. Since the original Job clearly stated work that was not delivered here, you have every right to reject this order. Moreover, if the seller fails to re-deliver, we ask that you report this seller for misbehavior using the contact form.

  • I paid a seller for a Job but havent received the order and am getting no response from the seller at all, what do I do?
  • Some sellers take more time then others to respond: Time difference, local holidays and personal constraints are typical reasons for lack of response. If you feel the seller is taking too long you can initiate a Mutual Cancellation Request.
  • Oops! I ordered by mistake, what do I do?
  • Don't worry. Just open your new order's page (available from My Shopping) and choose the 'Got Problems?' link at the bottom of the page. From the available options, choose 'Request Cancellation' and provide your seller with the reason you want this order cancelled. If your seller fails to respond, the order will get cancelled automatically after three days.

  • What to do after my order was delivered and I'm satisfied with the results?
  • We'd love to have you rate your experience with the seller. Rating your seller is important for the Tenrr community and for your seller's reputation.

    Please rate your experience with the seller thumbs

  • What can I do if I see some problems or feel uneasy about the order?
    • Don't wait: use the order page to write to the seller
    • If you're still uncomfortable about the order, or ordered by mistake, click the 'Got Problems?' link, then 'Request Cancellation'.
    • Let the seller know the reason you want to cancel this order, and click Send.
    • Once the seller accepts your cancellation request, the order will be cancelled. You must then cancel the transaction on PayPal to get the funds refunded.
    • In case the seller is not responsive, the order will get cancelled automatically after four days.
    • If the seller rejects your cancellation request, contact us.
  • When browsing through the jobs on Tenrr, I see a Like button right underneath the job titles. What is this for and how does it work?
  • When logged in, you have the option to “Like” any job on Tenrr by clicking on the Like link underneath the job title on job pages. It’s important to note that this particular Like option is not connected with any social networking or media site. It’s also worth noting that no one will ever see which jobs you’ve liked.

    The Like functionality is there purely for your benefit so that you can bookmark certain jobs that interest you in some way so that you can easily find them in the future.

    Where can you find jobs that you’ve Liked in the past?

    All the jobs you’ve liked can be accessed when logged in at Tenrr through the top navigation under Profile > Stuff I Like.

    NOTE: The total number of Likes a job has received will be displayed directly under the main image for the job and to the right of the total number of Positive and Negative Reviews a job has received. Again, no one will see who Liked a particular job; this feature is there to help you use Tenrr as a potential buyer and for others to see which jobs are the most popular.

I'm the seller

  • How do I offer my services on Tenrr?
  • If you haven't already created an account, please do so by going to our signup page.

    If you don't have any Jobs yet, click the 'Start Selling' link located in the top menu. Follow the simple instructions and submit when done.

    Some important points you may want to remember

    • At you are permitted to exchange contact details with potential buyers. However, we do suggest you keep communication within the site as it may assist us later down the line - should there be a dispute.
    • Our members are also free to buy and sell outside of however in doing so you may be missing out on all those good reviews which will build your reputation among the community.
    • Offer only services you know well how to do, and have done more than a few times in the past. Do not offer to design stuff if you're not a designer; do not offer to do copyrighting if you have no experience doing that.
    • Focus on serious offerings that will be beneficial to potential buyers.
    • Make sure the photo in your Job and the text you use is yours. Never present other people's work as your own. Using copied images or text may get your Job denied, and in some cases, your account restricted.
    • Use your Job description to set expectations with your buyers. You will be required to deliver whatever is written there, since this is what the buyer pays for. If you need special access permissions of non-standard information to fulfill your Job, please state that clearly in the description.
    • If you need information from your buyer in order to fulfill your orders, please describe those clearly in the Order Requirements box while editing your Job. The requirements you enter there will be presented to your buyer right after he pays for your Job.

      Keep your requirements reasonable to avoid order cancellations (don't ask buyers for personal information, login credentials, etc.)

  • How can I improve my chances of making sales?
  • First and foremost, your ability to make your first sale, and the ones after that mainly relies on the value of your service to others. However, you can surely improve your chances by following these guidelines:

    • Complete your profile information. Upload a real photo of yourself, describe your background and why you are the best seller for the job. Avoid providing personal details, links and emails.
    • Choose photos for your Job that you took, and which show the results of the work you're offering. For example: If you're designing a logo – show real samples of your work.
    • Shoot a short video of yourself using a webcam. Talk a little bit about your background, and the service you offer. Provide people with comfort that you are a nice, decent person that will get the job done quickly.
    • Most important: Socially promote your Job! Share your Job with your Facebook friends, ask them to like it, post it to Twitter on a regular basis, share it on Google+ or any other network you're on. Jobs that are socially active will be displayed higher when users sort the job listings by popularity! Using social media/networking/bookmarking sites to promote your micro jobs on Tenrr will also serve you well in the future as every link you have coming into your job pages will help push your job up the rankings at Google and other search engines! If you're interested in learning more about this, visit the Tenrr Blog as we've written many articles on this subject.
    • Once you've made your first sales, make sure your buyers are happy. Positive feedback is your tool for repeated business and getting noticed by other buyers.
  • How will users find my Job?
  • Every created or edited Job goes through our super-smart moderation system, which automatically filters out misbehavior, bad language and other bad stuff. If you stick to our Terms of Service and follow the guidelines above, your Job will surely pass this phase.

    Your Job will be available in the 'Recent' and relevant category sections shortly after you submit it. Jobs can sometimes take up to 24 hours to be reviewed prior to going 'live'.

    Please note that falling under a certain rating score will cause your Job to be removed from the site altogether.

    Appearing on the Homepage

    As mentioned above, your job will be placed on our home page in the order of the last job submitted and approved being first on the page. In fact, when visitors view Tenrr through the default sorting option (just as it is right when you go to our home page or any category page), every job ever submitted to the site (and still active) will be displayed in the order in which they were submitted, starting with the most recently submitted jobs. Most importantly, this means everyone has their shot at being displayed on the Tenrr home page! We don't have any funky features or gadgets in place to alter this as we feel it's an important feature for all our new sellers!

    The more positive feedback you get from buyers, the higher your job will be placed when visitors sort by Rating on our home page and in your job's specific category page. The Popularity sorting option also works similarly. The more social links your job has from Facebook, Twitter, etc., the higher it will fall on the home page and in your job's specific category page when visitors sort by Popularity.

    Other Ways to Improve your Jobs' Visibility - Think Social Media!

    By far and away, the best way to get your Job noticed is by promoting it socially. Share it with your Facebook friends, post updates on your Job on Twitter, have it appear in blogs, etc. and you will see both instant and future benefits! You may entice someone to instantly purchase your job while always having that link pointing to your job at Tenrr which may stir up future business for you AND will help your job in both the search engine rankings and within the Tenrr system for visitors sorting by Popularity.

    If you're interested in learning more ways to promote your jobs so that more potential buyers will see them, visit the Tenrr Blog. We've posted a collection of articles there meant to help our sellers do just that and we will continue to post new and potentially valuable articles on the blog in the future. Once at our blog, go to the Tips category to view only the articles meant to help our Tenrr members sell more jobs!

  • What if my Job got rejected?
  • Read the reason for the rejection carefully (included in the notification email you got from us) and submit a new Job while taking into consideration these rejection reasons.

  • How and when do I get paid?
  • On Tenrr, payments are made directly from the buyer to the seller without any delay and without any commissions taken out by Tenrr! That's right; Tenrr does not take any commission and does not hold your earnings at any time.

    You will have already received the payment the buyer has made to you through PayPal prior to you starting the work on the job! Once the buyer submits the order requirements after making the payment, the order will become active in your account and you're ready to start. Orders are displayed in the Seller > Manage Sales menu option, available in the top menu when logged in at Tenrr.

    If your delivered work is not rejected by the buyer, your order will get marked as 'Completed' after 3 days (or less if your buyer submitted a review for this order).

    If the buyer is unhappy with the order because it is either late or not what was advertised, the buyer has the right to cancel the order on and also cancel the PayPal transaction. If a buyer is found to be abusing this facility, they will have their account blocked permanently.

    You can easily follow your lifetime Tenrr earnings and sales statistics under the Seller > Revenues menu option, available in the top menu. There may be discrepancies between your actual revenues and what the site states in this section. This will only occur if and when you've sold multiple jobs to the same buyer within the same job - this happens when, for instance, you sell 3 articles to the same person for $5 apiece for a total order of $15. If these 3 jobs were purchased within 1 order, the system will display only $5 of revenue for that particular order. We're looking at options to fix this glitch and will hopefully figure something out soon! It's important to note, however, that even if the system displays only $5 of revenue in this situation, you will still be paid $15 by the buyer!

  • I have been emailed from Tenrr Admin saying I have received an order but nothing is showing in my account?
  • Orders only show in your account once the buyer has submitted the order requirements. In some cases buyers may not submit these details immediately in which case you are obliged to contact the buyer.

  • Something looks odd with the website, account, my sales, orders, emails, notifications, or anything else – what do I do?
  • First, don't panic:)

    • Check other websites, make sure your internet connection is up and running.
    • Make sure that you are logged in to your account (and that you are in the correct one, as some people have more than one).
    • Can't log in? Choose, reset password, enter your email, and look for our email with further instructions.
    • Can't activate your account? Check your Spam folder for the activation email and click the link in that email to continue.
    • When you let us know of a technical problem, please provide us as much information as possible, such as your username, browser type, operating system used, Job/order #, Tenrr URL where the problem occurred and any screenshot that you think would be helpful to understand the problem as quickly as possible.

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