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Jobs by AlanaS

I will send you a virtual fortune cookie for $1

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I will send you a personalised virtual fortune cookie message.

I will provide medical or legal transcription for $1

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I am a native English speaker and have a degree in medical science and post graduate qualifications in law. I will transcribe any medical or legal audio or video accurately. $1 per minute of audio/video.

Engagement is easy when you use questions to stimulate interest on your website or interest in your products or services. Pop them on social media and engage with your customers. Or use them for educational or entertainment purposes. I will help you create trivia questions, quiz questions or exam style questions on any topic. 3 questions for $1.

I will tell you the one word that is going to play a significant role in your life. And, I will provide a 100 word explanation of what this word could mean to you and how it could affect your life.

I am a native Australian and I will convert 1000 words of your English into Australian English using Australian spelling and phrases. Don't lose sales. This is essential if you want to sell to Australians successfully. We know when ads that say they are local aren't because of the spelling and phrases used. And we never throw a shrimp on a barbie!

I will write a choose you own adventure EROTIC short story for $10

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I will write a 1000 word erotic short story in "choose your own adventure" style. Makes a great personalised gift for a lover. No revisions.

I will provide you with a list of suggested headings or subheadings on any non-fiction topic. 500 word minimum response. This will help you write your online course or ebook quicker. It will help you add quality content, answer the most common reader questions and help you structure your course or book.

I will ask you questions. Using these questions I will provide you with a 500 word psychic reading detailing how you can win the lottery. This will include suggested numbers, dates, locations, winning amounts, colours etc.

Don't hire a SuperNanny. I am an experienced teacher and mother. I will give you a detailed 500 word min answer to any parenting question. I will use my parenting and teaching experience together with my teacher training to provide you with practical help.

I will be your PROPOSAL coach for $5

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I will ask you questions about you and your partner and then use this information to give you great ideas that will help you propose in a unique way. I will provide you with 10 quality proposal ideas. No revisions.