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Live in Maine, and like all Mainers, I have several gigs: Music, Acting, electronics, niche marketing and SEO. I look forward to helping you soon!

Jobs by tenchaz

Send me your Powerpoint or Openoffice slideshow presentation of up to 20 slides and I will convert it into a video. Here is an example of one slideshow I converted into a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPO05KNh9oE

I will send you a pocket sized copy of the US Constitution for $3

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Send me three lousy bucks and I will send you a pocket sized copy of the US Constitution, which includes the Declaration of Independence and quotes from the founding fathers. This version of the Constitution was transcribed directly from the original and has the original spellings, grammar, capitalization of the famous document. On the back is a place for you to sign your name!

Give me the URL of any Youtube video of up to 5 minutes long and I will download it and send it to you as a MPEG-4 or a WMV, as the highest quality available.

Video is one of the most powerful ways to engage your audience, reduce bounce rates and boost your authority in your niche. I will create a video slideshow with music from you article and images from an article of up to 300 words and up to 10 images. I highly recommend placing a call to action at the end, like, "Click The Link Below For More Info." This is great for linking to more detailed videos and other content.

Tier1: Convert your article (you provide or I will provide) to a PDF with 2 hyperlinks with anchor text (keyword) and upload it to 25 most famous doc sharing sites, like issuu; scribd; docstoc;slideshare,with Pagerank 9-2. Tier2: I will make 200 wiki backlinks linkjuice to Tier1. I will then Ping all Tier1 and Tier2 links for rapid indexing. This is a great way to get a video ranked in Google!

I will install Wordpress on your site. for $10

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I will install Wordpress on your website. For installation and configuration of themes and plugins, please contact me about these additional services.

I will setup Google authorship on your WP site for $10

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One of the most important factors for getting your Wordpress site ranked is Google Authorship. You must have your site's URL added to your Google+ profile and add a photo of yourself (you need to do this part yourself). I will add the right plugin and set it up. I will send a screenshot of rich snippets, proof that authorship is setup for your site.

I play fingerstyle guitar and have been featured on WMPG 90.9, Midfinger Busta Compilation #6 and have maintained consistent top 20 ratings on the acoustic blues charts at Audio Street. Search: "Chuck Muldoon" For five dollars, I'll zip five of my best tunes and send them to you. These have been mastered professionally and I am trying to raise money to release my debut CD, "Poems & Rags For Guitar."